Sunday, 9 June 2013

What Can You See? and Egypt!

With the "What Can You See?" project, our students at Lorna Jackson Public School have been able to not only develop a great understanding about the world around them, but in fact, the project has grown to the point where our students can learn about and appreciate different cultures around the world.

As part of this new and exciting chapter of "We Can See" books, one of our JK students (T.B.) recently got back from a trip to Egypt where he was visiting family. He was very excited to share his pictures with us and tell us stories about what he saw there and where he had visited. We had offered to compile his photos and create a digital book to share as part of the project on his family's behalf.

We thank T.B. and his family for collecting these wonderful photographs and for letting us put them together into a digital book to share with all of you!

This video, along with our video from A.C. and her family in China, has generated lots of discussion in our classroom as students have begun to see connections from these "We Can See" books to other books found in our library and at home. T.B. is very proud of where his family comes from and his ability to teach us new things about his culture and country!

Even though the end of the year is approaching rather quickly, we still encourage our families to participate in this wonderful learning opportunity well into the summer months!


  1. Dear Taha and all of your friends in class,

    Thank you so much for sharing your pictures! We watched your digital book this morning in class, and my friends wanted to share their ideas and questions with you.
    Note: In our morning class, we have many friends who share the same initial, such as M, E, A and S!

    M: I liked the story.
    A: I liked the swimming pool.
    R: I liked the pool, too.
    T: The airplane picture was nice.
    S: It's so beautiful - all of it.
    M: I love the horse (donkey) picture.
    M: I wish I lived there!
    R: I liked the bird on Taha's head.

    A: I came from Egypt.
    J: I went to Egypt too! I was born there. (later, when she saw the picture of the mosque):
    J: I know that place! I was there too.

    R: Are there white birds like that (on Taha's head) in Canada, too?
    E: Was he swimming in the pool?

    We have a special connection as a class today, too. Our friend "T" just came back from a trip to Florida. She brought photos to share with her class, and was hoping to make an "I can see" book about her trip today, too. Then we watched yours, and now she's sure she wants to make a book, which we shall try tomorrow!

    Ms. Fynes's AM Kindergarten Friends
    Thornwood P.S., Mississauga

    1. Dear Ms. Fyne's Kindergarten class,

      T.B.: Thanks for loving my book.

      To answer your questions about the picture of the bird, this is what T.B. had to saw:

      1. When the man, he was rolling the quilt at a magic show, he opened the quilt and there was a bird and he put it on my head. It's just a big bird.

      2. My Dad showed me how to swim in Egypt in the swimming pool. It was good.

      When our class heard that "T" was going to make a book about her trip to Florida, our class had lots of connections.

      J.S.: There was a swimming pool in Florida.
      S.M.: At Florida, I took pictures and then when I came back to Toronto I put together a journal from Florida.

      Thank you for leaving a comment for us to read together today and we look forward to watching your book soon!

      Ms. Schmidt and Ms. Theis' Kindergarten class
      Lorna Jackson Public School
      Woodbridge, Ontario