Thursday, 30 May 2013

What do you see, think, or wonder?

Today one of our inquiry groups created this to share with you:

Thank you to Z.A., L.N., E.H., J.A., M.Y., and R.J. for your help in selecting the format for this blog post.

Our inquiry group would like to know what do you see, think, or wonder about when looking at these images?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

We Can See by division 9 in Richmond, BC

The grade 1 students in division 9 and their teacher Ms Quan, went for a spring walk in our neighbourhood noticing the natural world around them. The students used the school cameras to take pictures of things that interested them. They walked through our school park and to the pond at the community centre down the street. When they returned, the photographs were printed and the students wrote captions for their images.

We put the images and captions together in a short Animoto video. We hope you enjoy seeing what we can see in our part of the world right now!

~Ms Novakowski, on behalf of the division 9 students

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We See Nature Walk - Milliken Mills PS

We went for a nature walk this week, on that very brisk Monday morning. BRRR it was chilly.

We had a wonderful walk through our park where we were looking for all things beautiful in our surroundings. We found so many cool things, and would like to share them with you in our movie.

We hope you enjoy!

Ms. Clark and Ms. Blundell's FDK Class
Room 109
Milliken Mills PS

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

We Can See... Birds!

My AM and PM kindergarten friends have been very interested in birds, ever since we started noticing the return of migrating robins and blackbirds this spring. One day I suggested it might be time to make our spring version of the "We Can See" books, like we had done in the fall and winter. This idea did not catch on in either class. A few days later, however, a morning friend suggested we could make a "We Can See Birds" book instead. This idea was met with a cheer! Our Voicethread book is growing each week, but the kindergarten friends are ready to share what we have seen so far.

We Can See Birds! by our AM and PM Classes: (click here to view Voicethread)

Note: If you wish to read more of the story about our inquiry, you may see the way it unfolded at "this kindergarten life" blog: (click here for "we can see birds...everywhere!)

By Ms. Fynes's Kindergarten Friends
P.S.: We wonder: do you notice birds when you go for walks around your school grounds? Do you listen to their songs and watch them fly?