Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We See Nature Walk - Milliken Mills PS

We went for a nature walk this week, on that very brisk Monday morning. BRRR it was chilly.

We had a wonderful walk through our park where we were looking for all things beautiful in our surroundings. We found so many cool things, and would like to share them with you in our movie.

We hope you enjoy!

Ms. Clark and Ms. Blundell's FDK Class
Room 109
Milliken Mills PS


  1. Hello Ms. Clark, Ms. Blundell and friends,

    We watched your spring "We Can See" movie in the AM and PM classes this week. I was interested by how the two groups of friends came away with different noticings and favourite parts of your book. Here are all the thoughts I could capture!


    M and M: We liked the flowers.
    A: I loved your book.
    R: It was a beautiful book.

    C: I liked your movie.
    Z: Me too, I loved it.
    (all): We like the faces.


    M: I saw sky and green grass.
    E: We have the same room number as your class: 109!
    J: We think that bird on the grass is a robin.

    A: I have those yellow flowers at my building, too.
    (several students): Those little black birds - we think they are chickadees or blackbirds.
    F: I think they're starlings.
    (all): That bird - it's a robin (this was the slide labelled cardinal).
    S: Prickly! (the spruce tree).
    A: They cut out faces and used stickers. They don't want us to see real faces.
    S: They printed a picture and coloured on it.
    Sh: They wanted to surprise us.
    S: Maybe they did it to make us laugh (put funny faces over real faces).


    R: Do you like birds?
    A: That bird - was it a cardinal?
    J: Did you see a red tummy on the colourful bird you saw? Because we think it's a robin.

    F: How did you make the faces?
    A: Are those iPad stick-ons?
    Sh: Are you hiding funny faces under those pictures?
    S: Do you have chicken pox under there?
    Sh: Did you want to surprise us?
    S and Z: Did you want to make us really laugh?

    Thank you for sharing your spring book!

    Ms. Fynes's AM and PM Kindergarten Friends,
    Thornwood PS

  2. Thank you Ms. Fynes' am and pm classes for all your wonderful comments,

    We really enjoyed reading your answers back to us on your bird book and would like to provide you with some answers about our movie.

    We love birds too, unfortunately our kindergarten window faces onto a Tarmac and portable area so there are no trees to look at and therefore very few birds. However when we go out for recess we often look for birds in the trees near the playground.

    The bird that we took a picture of was indeed a cardinal as his whole body was red - not just his belly. It was very hard to get close and take a picture as we are sometimes a very loud class even when we are trying to be quiet.

    You are right, Ms. Blundell used the sticker app on the I-pad to cover our faces.

    J. She covered our faces so you wouldn't see them.
    P. she covered our faces because it was after recess and we had dirty faces.
    G. She covered our faces so you wouldn't look at us.

    Ms. Clark: we used the stickers over our faces because this movie is on a public web-site and it is to protect the privacy of our students. It is irritant to be safe when using the Internet. Thanks for asking such an important question and allowing us to talk to our kiddos about his as well.

    Ms. Clark and Ms. Blundell's Kindergarten Friends

    Ps. We too think it's cool we share the same room number!