Tuesday, 7 May 2013

We Can See... Birds!

My AM and PM kindergarten friends have been very interested in birds, ever since we started noticing the return of migrating robins and blackbirds this spring. One day I suggested it might be time to make our spring version of the "We Can See" books, like we had done in the fall and winter. This idea did not catch on in either class. A few days later, however, a morning friend suggested we could make a "We Can See Birds" book instead. This idea was met with a cheer! Our Voicethread book is growing each week, but the kindergarten friends are ready to share what we have seen so far.

We Can See Birds! by our AM and PM Classes: (click here to view Voicethread)

Note: If you wish to read more of the story about our inquiry, you may see the way it unfolded at "this kindergarten life" blog: (click here for "we can see birds...everywhere!)

By Ms. Fynes's Kindergarten Friends
P.S.: We wonder: do you notice birds when you go for walks around your school grounds? Do you listen to their songs and watch them fly?


  1. I like to compliment your class on doing a great job on your book.
    I would like to compliment your class for doing pretty pictures of birds.
    I would like to compliment you on doing a good job on your birds.
    I like to compliment you for doing some talking.
    I saw a robin yesterday.
    We have seen ducks at our pond.
    I saw a bluejay and a robin.
    Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Coombes K Class
    We saw a red winged blackbird at our pond.

  2. Thank you Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Coombes and friends!

    My PM class loved hearing your thoughts. Here are some of theirs (as told to our grade five reading buddies' teacher, Ms. G):

    We like your message.
    We love your birds that you told us about.
    We love your pond (from pictures we have seen).
    We love blue jays and robins!
    I saw three robins when my mom parked the car on the way to school.
    I love your compliments.
    We love your trees and your pond.
    We have a river beside us, not a pond.

    Ms. Fynes's PM Kindergarten Friends

  3. My AM class were very excited to hear that you had read our book. Here are some thoughts:

    A, J, and T: Thank you for reading our book!
    M, R: Did you like it?
    T: Did you see more ducks on your pond?
    E: Did you see any cardinals? (we have a lot around here!)
    J: Does your pond have a lot of birds?
    M: Can we come see your pond?

    Ms. Fynes's AM Kindergarten Friends

  4. Hello Ms. Fynes' morning and afternoon classes.

    We were very excited to listen to all the things you have seen and done with your bird inquiry. We like how you have put your voices to the book.


    M. I think your drawings are beautiful.
    A. The birds are beautiful.
    P. I like the pictures you drawed - they are nice.
    J. We saw an airplane too.
    G. I like the girl's flower with the hummingbird.
    D. We saw a cardinal too. You can see it in our new We Can See Project movie.
    D. We also saw a seagull and a robin.
    J. We saw a seagull flying. We chased him a bit.
    D. Some birds are white and red, some are not.
    E. I love your drawings.


    D. Did the teacher print the colouring sheet or did someone draw it?
    A. Do you see pine trees?
    B. Do you see red birds?
    A. Do you ever see pinecones?
    P. How many birds did you see?
    G. Did you make a bird sign?
    G. Did you see lots of nests outside?

    Thanks again for sharing your book with us. We loved it. We hope you will check out our new movie of our nature walk.

    Ms. Clark and Ms. Blundell's FDK Class
    Room 109
    Milliken Mills PS

  5. Dear Ms. Clark, Ms. Blundell and friends,

    We, the AM class, just read your response. We are so glad you liked your book! Everyone enjoyed hearing the compliments.

    First note: we wanted to tell you something we have in common with your class. We are also room 109! We think it is pretty cool that we share a room number even though you are in Markham and we are in Mississauga.

    Here are answers to your questions:
    Q: Did the teacher print the colouring sheet or did someone draw it?
    A: (E) The teacher printed some pictures.
    (J) I drew a picture and I coloured a picture (that the teacher printed).
    Ms. F: Some drew, some chose pictures for me to print from online.
    Q: Do you see pine trees?
    (all agreed): no.
    Ms. F: I think that we should take another walk, because I think I know where some pine trees are nearby.

    Q: Do you see red birds?
    (J) We saw robins and cardinals. Robins have red tummies.

    A. Do you ever see pinecones?
    (all) Yes! We gathered some at the park last month.

    Q: How many birds did you see?
    (E) We didn't count the birds, so we don't know.
    (S) T and I made a list of birds, we read it (in the Voicethread).
    Ms. F: So we know how many kinds of birds we saw, but we don't know how many robins, how many gulls, and so on. We saw a lot of birds!

    Q: Did you make a bird sign?
    (E) We didn't make a sign, but we made a poster.

    Q: Did you see lots of nests outside?
    (all) Yes, we saw nests.

    We will watch your movie together tomorrow. We will write you too!

    Ms. Fynes's AM Kindergarten Friends