Wednesday, 22 May 2013

We Can See by division 9 in Richmond, BC

The grade 1 students in division 9 and their teacher Ms Quan, went for a spring walk in our neighbourhood noticing the natural world around them. The students used the school cameras to take pictures of things that interested them. They walked through our school park and to the pond at the community centre down the street. When they returned, the photographs were printed and the students wrote captions for their images.

We put the images and captions together in a short Animoto video. We hope you enjoy seeing what we can see in our part of the world right now!

~Ms Novakowski, on behalf of the division 9 students


  1. Hello Division 9 grade ones!

    We are an AM kindergarten class in Mississauga, Ontario. We watched your movie today and many friends wanted to share their ideas.

    M: I like your movie.
    J: I liked the flowers - they were very pretty.
    M: I love all the flowers.

    R: I went to BC. It has mountains and big water.
    Ms. Fynes: Me too! I have family in BC. We went to visit them last summer, and also saw friends on the island. It is so beautiful!

    R: Have you been bird watching?
    S: Do you get allergic from the flower pollen?
    J: Do you have a park (playground) where you play?
    E: Where did you get the orange and yellow flowers (tulips)? What kind of seed? Did you plant them?
    S: Do you have a smily-face outside like ours? (she means the yellow smile painted on the ground in our schoolyard).

    One of the morning friends said she would like to write a letter or draw a picture to share with you. Do you have a class twitter account? If so, we will send a picture!

    Ms. Fynes and AM friends
    Thornwood PS

    1. HI there Ms Fynes and AM Kindergarten class
      We have not gone bird watching yet as a class but some of us have done that with our families.
      Some students get stuffy noses and sore eyes in the spring because of allergies.
      We have two playgrounds and swings at our schools. They have monkey bars, slides, tubes and poles.
      The tulips were growing by the pond. Someone else planted them.
      We don't have smiley face but we have hopscotch games painted in yellow on our concrete.
      Our teacher's name is Ms Quan and her twitter name is @marisaquan. We would like to see your pictures!

  2. Hello again Division 9 grade ones,

    I have a few ideas to share from the PM class, who watched your movie right before hometime.

    (many said): I like the music!
    S: The pictures move.

    N: I see a dandelion.
    (many said): We have dandelions, too!

    F: In British Columbia, do you have Stellar's Jays? We have blue jays (here in Ontario).
    N: Why did you show grass?
    S: Why did you show dandelion two times?
    (some said): Is it because the yellow ones are not like the white ones?

    Ms. Fynes and PM friends
    Thornwood PS

  3. Hi there Ms Fynes and PM Kindergarteners-
    The Steller's Jay is the provincial bird of BC. We don't see them where we live but we see them in forests and up at Whistler. We learned that the loon is the provincial bird of Ontario when we were learning about Canadian coins. Do you see loons where you live or hear them?
    We showed grass because it is a living thing. How long does it take for your grass to turn green in the spring?
    We wanted to show the white ones to present seeds. -K
    Do you see squirrels? -T
    Do you see ladybugs? -W We saw lots of ladybugs on a tree at recess today.
    Thanks for your questions!
    Division 9