Friday, 26 April 2013

We Can See and Hear Spring in Richmond, BC

Hi there-
Here is our first contribution from Blair Elementary in Richmond, BC near the Vancouver International Airport and walking distance from the Olympic Oval. It is cherry blossom season here and we have been enjoying going outside and observing all the changes that spring brings. Today as we were making observations of "our tree" some spring sounds caught our attention.

From the Kindergarten students in divisions 10 and 11
c/o Janice Novakowski


  1. Hello,

    We are a class from Markham, Ontario and we were very intrigued to watch your movie. Some of the kiddos in our class have been to BC while many others have not.


    J. Those are flowers from China - I seen them there.
    G. I like the trees.
    M. I like how you follow the sounds of the birds.
    G.W. I like the cherry blossoms. I've been to Vancouver before.
    M. Me too it's right down the street from my house - I saw that tree.
    D. I like the music.
    G. I like the movie.

    Questions we have:

    G. Is your school big?
    C. What do you have in your playground?
    M. Do you have lots of trees?
    J. Is your school tall?
    D. Do you have birds coming to your garden?
    G. Do you have a birdbath for the birds to drink water and take a bath?
    J. Do you see airplanes?

    Thanks for sharing your world. We will have to look at maps of Canada next week to show our kiddos how far away you live from us in Ontario. We will begin to really look for birds here at are school now that you have given us a great provocation! Thanks again for sharing and we look forward to your answers.

    Ms Clark and Ms Blundell's Kindergarten Class
    Milliken Mills PS
    Markham, Ontario

  2. To Ms Clak and Ms Blundell's Kindergarten Class-
    Thanks for your compliments and questions. Here are our answers:

    Is your school big?
    Q: Yes, we have over 300 students.

    What do you have in your playground?
    S: Slides, swings, monkeybars, climbing things, ladders, trees and sandbox, hopscotch and basketball.
    F: We do lots of skipping on the concrete area.

    Do you have lots of trees?
    K: Yes. We have lots of evergreen trees and cherry blossom trees and maple trees and other deciduous trees.

    Is your school tall?
    A; Yes, it has two floors. We have an elevator and some stairs.

    Do you have birds coming to your garden?
    M: Yes, we have LOTS of birds like robins, chickadees, seagulls, sparrows, crows and bald eagles fly over our park.

    Do you have a birdbath?
    S: We don't have one at school.

    Do you see airplanes?
    S: Yes, we see lots of airplanes. We see water airplanes so many times (seaplanes) because we are near the river. We also see big aircraft that hold lots of passengers like Air Canada and Korean Air and lots of helicopters too.

    We will look at your blog to see what your school is like. How many students are in your class?
    From division 10

  3. We really like your music!
    Your music is awesome!
    I would like to compliment you for doing the best singing.
    I would like to compliment you for doing a really awesome job on the book.
    We can hear birds chirping too.
    Our cherry blossoms are just starting to bloom.
    Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Coombes' K class