Thursday, 11 April 2013

We can see. Our Schoolyard...Spring is Coming?

Our kindergarten class went for a walk this week and we searched for changes in items such as the milkweeds, our pond, the soccer field, our trees and the ground. We looked at the pictures of these items in winter searched out similar items during our walk. Spring is slowly coming to Ontario. Today we had a bad weather day and our buses were cancelled. It's been a long winter, we are awaiting spring. Here are some signs of spring.

What does spring look like in your town?
Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Coombes' K class

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  1. Hello Friends,

    We are Ms. Fynes's PM Kindergarten class. We watched your book today. Here are so e of our thoughts.

    A: I like your book.
    A: I like the music.
    R: I want to watch it again (at home) on my computer.
    A: I see green trees. They are called winter trees.
    Z: I like your book.
    F: I think that bird (in a tree by the pond) is a crow or a red-winged blackbird. (F is our resident bird expert).

    A: Why is there no leaves? Are those berries on the bush?
    S: what bird is that (in the tree at the end)?
    S: Why is there dead worms?
    Z: Do you have blue jays at your school?
    S: Why did you get close to the worms? and: Did you walk on the trees on the ground (milkweed)?
    L: Why are there no birds in the nest?

    We liked your book. Today our AM friends decided that we should make a "We Can See Birds" instead of "Spring" because many of us are excited about a current bird inquiry. What exciting inquiries do you write about in the spring?

    Ms. Fynes's PM Kindergarten friends