Tuesday, 9 April 2013

We Can See... Winter Book by Ms. Lowe's class in Winnipeg

This post is by Connie Lowe, a teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We Can See: Winter Edition

Even though it is officially spring, here in Winnipeg, it still looks and feels a lot like winter. Last week when we were busy saying goodbye to winter we realized that we had never written an official We Can See book for winter.

We decided to use the photos that we took in the winter and write the words using interactive writing. That means that the students got to take turns printing the letters and words on the Smart Board.  Then we recorded our voices reading the pages.


To see Connie Lowe's class blog go to www.room8.adventuresinkindergarten.blogspot.com


  1. Hello Ms. Lowe's Class,

    We are a PM Kindergarten Class in Mississauga, Ontario at Thornwood P.S. We watched your "We Can See" book today. Some friends had comments for you. Many friends had questions for you.

    S: "They have snow!"
    N: "We have rain and worms"
    Z: "It is so quiet" (we turned our speakers up loud but we couldn't hear all the words).
    Ms. Fynes: "I like how they wrote the words for the story"
    C: "We can write!"

    A: "Why is there snow?"
    S: "Why (did you) not make a snowman?"
    Sh: "Where is that park?" (we talked about how it might be at school or near by)
    S: "Why do you have slides?"
    J: "Did you use a camera?"
    F: "Are there birds there in winter?"

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    Ms. Fynes's PM Kindergarten Friends

  2. Dear Ms. Fynes class,

    Thank you for watching our video. We answered some of your questions.

    1)Why is there snow?
    We have snow because the weather is not changing very well in Canada.
    Because Father winter doesn't want to leave us yet.
    Because the snow loves us!

    2)Why did you not make a snow man?
    We should!

    3)Where is that park?
    Here at our school.

    4)Why do you have slides?
    To have fun.

    5)Did you use a camera?
    We did use cameras. The kids took the pictures with a partner.

    6)Are there birds there in winter?
    We are starting to see the Canada Geese come back. We know they fly in a V shape.

    We want to know:
    -Do you have snow there?
    -Is it warmer where you live?
    -Have you made a we can see book for spring?
    -Are you on Twitter? Our Twitter name is @MrsLowesClass