Wednesday, 17 April 2013

We Can See - Spring at Milliken Mills

Wow! Today was such a beautiful day we had to spend more time outdoors. The kiddos were very excited to take pictures for our next "we can see" movie. At our Focussed Learning time, they all seem to understand that the snow has melted and it is now spring - but to see their renewed excitement at really observing their surroundings was priceless.

The kiddos bounded outside and used their eyes to really look for changes from our last "we can see" Winter movie.

Please take a look and see if you have some of the same things around your school. We would love to hear your comments!

Maybe our next movie will include more observations using our 5 senses?

Ms. Clark's Kindergarten Class
Room 109
Milliken Mills PS


  1. Dear Friends,

    We are Ms. Fynes's PM Kindergarten Class at Thornwood PS in Mississauga. We watched your movie. Here are some of the comments and questions we have for you.

    Z: I like the trees.
    Sh: I liked where you went. I went to a garden too.
    S: The garden was so beautiful.
    D: The shadows are really cool.
    N: I liked the garden.
    L: Thank you very much for the song. I liked it.
    A: I liked the whole thing!
    S: I like the plants.
    H: I like the garden.
    S: The clouds are cool and white.
    K: Max and Ruby have a garden, too.
    F: The plants will grow with water and sun.

    S: Was the airplane turning?
    F: What will you grow in your garden?
    S: Do you see birds in your garden?

    Thank you for sharing your book with us!

    Ms. Fynes's PM Kindergarten Class

  2. Dear Ms. Clarke's class,
    We like your video.
    We like your book.
    We like your park.
    We like your music.
    We like your green grass. Ours isn't green yet.
    The music is really nice.

    We see a playground too.

    Do you have any flowers growing yet?
    What is an Eco Garden?


    Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Coombes' K class

  3. Dear Ms. Clarke's class,
    We see airplanes too!
    We sometimes don't see shadows when we're in the shade. Do you see shadows when you're in the shade?
    We see more grass too!
    I liked how you have rocks on your playground. We have sand on our playground.
    I liked your book and all the details that you did with your book.
    I liked the music in your book.

    One day we are going to create our own What Can You See Spring book!

    Ms. Schmidt & Ms. Theis' Kindergarten Class
    Lorna Jackson Public School

  4. We would like to thank Ms Fynes' pm class, Ms Harrison and Ms Coombes' class, and Ms Schmidt and Ms Theis' class for giving us so many compliments on our Spring movie. We really enjoyed making it but it was more fun seeing who watched it and commented.

    We would like to answer all your questions.

    The plane was not turning - it was flying straight.
    It was flying straight towards the clouds.
    People were sleeping on the plane.
    The plane has wings and engines.

    An Eco Garden is a community garden.
    It is a garden for our country that we live in.

    We will grow a rainbow garden like one of the books we read on the smartboard.
    We planted wildflowers.
    We might plant vegetables.
    I like carrots.

    The plants are just sprouting.
    We will look for birds.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Ms Clark and Ms Blundell's class.