Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I can see by Benn

One of our students went to Florida. Here is his book about what saw on his trip.

Have you traveled to Florida? What did you see?

From Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Coombes Kindergarten class


  1. Wow Benn
    You saw a lot of things in Florida. I am going to share your book with KL in my room. He went to Florida this year too. I wonder if he will say he saw some of the same things you saw?
    Mrs. Jelley (Team Jelleybean)

  2. March 6th, 2013
    Dear Mrs. Jelley,
    I am happy you read my book.
    I think your kindergarten class will like it.


  3. Dear Benn,

    My morning class read your book on the big screen yesterday. They were very excited about your pictures and I had to show it again right away! Here are some of their ideas that they wanted me to share with you.

    E: "I like those crocodiles!"
    J: "That book was so good"
    SA: "That was unbelievable!"
    T: "I really liked the pictures"

    M: "I never went to Disney World yet. I am going to Disney on ice. I want to sing the song with the lanterns"
    N: "I remember my family went on a trip - we had so much fun. My hat fell off over the bridge in the water and it went away"
    A: "I went on a train at Wonderland"
    J: "I went on a dragon roller coaster"
    E: "You saw what I saw! I went to Florida and I saw a lot of beaches from the plane, and big waves"
    R: "I wish I could see real crocodiles. I've seen them in movies"
    E: "I went up close to a crocodile in a zoo. It stays very still when people get close"
    SA: "I was on a big ride in Niagara. You put seat belts on to be safe"
    E: "I went to Disney. I also went to Disney on ice. Donald drove a bulldozer on the ice"
    T: "I saw Disney on ice. I saw Tinkerbell and Ariel and Toy Story"
    Everyone: "Oooh! Ahh! Dragons! Crocodiles!" (I couldn't keep track because everyone was so excited)

    J: "I went to Niagara Falls and we had to wear raincoats. Did you wear a raincoat on your trip like me?"
    E: "Were you scared (of the crocodiles)?"
    Ms. Fynes: Did you see any interesting birds on your trip?

    Thank you Benn, and teachers, for sharing this book!

    Ms. Fynes's AM Kindergarten Friends

  4. Dear Ms. Fynes's AM K friends,
    Thank you for reading my book.
    I wore a raincoat on my trip. Just a few times.
    I didn't see any birds.
    No, I wasn't afraid of the crodiles.

  5. Dear Benn,

    Some of our students went to Florida like you! We liked your video and everything in your book! We liked your train! We liked the dragon and the crocodiles. The crocodiles were so cute! We liked Buzz Lightyear.

    We were wondering why you went to Florida. We were wondering how long your plane ride was.


    Ms. Babalis and Mrs. Ham's Class
    Bond Lake Public School, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada