Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I Saw....March Break

Our Kindergarten students are thrilled to be writing more books to post on the blog.
Cayden illustrated his own story and made his book in iMovie.
What did you see on your March Break?
Check out our class blog to see Ryan's photo book of his March Break.
Did you visit any family members on your March Break?
Mrs. Harrison's class in Ontario

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  1. Hello Cayden,

    This is Ms. Fynes from Thornwood P.S. My morning class really enjoyed your book. Here are some of the things they had to say:

    S: I love it so much.
    T: Your book is gorgeous. I really like it.
    A: I really like all your book.
    A: I like the whole thing.

    They also had some questions for you:

    S: Did you watch birds? (on your holiday)
    J: Where did you see a chimpanzee? At the zoo?
    R: In your school can you see birds outside your window?
    E: What was the movie?

    Thank you for sharing your book. Some of my morning friends have been making their own books by illustrating, just like you! We hope to show them here soon.

    Ms. Fynes's AM Kindergarten Class