Thursday, 7 March 2013

"What We Can See" with our reading buddies

My AM and PM classes loved sharing the "We Can See" blog project books with their reading buddies. Several times we dimmed the lights, put on the projector, and together we read books by classes in various other schools in the project. Our grade five buddies then helped their Kindergarten buddies make their own little "We Can See" booklets. The PM class enjoyed sharing our "We Can See Snow" book, so naturally their booklets wound up being all about the wonderful snow forts and winter scenes we saw on our walks. The AM class were less lucky with the weather when our buddies came to visit, but we made the best of it by making books about environmental print in the classroom: "We Can See ABC's and 123's".

Here is our latest book to show what we can see in and out around our classroom here at Thornwood Public School.






We hope you like our book. We wonder what you write about in your classroom.

Ms. Fynes's AM and PM Kindergarten Friends



  1. March 8th, 2013
    Dear Class,
    We write about the books we read.
    We write about our dads.
    We write letters.
    We write our own stories.
    We like your book.


    Mrs, Harrison and Mrs. Coombes class

  2. Dear Friends,

    Thank you for liking our book.
    We hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    From Ms. Fynes's AM Kindergarten Friends

  3. Hello friends,
    We love your books. We can see some of the same things in our classroom!
    We are writing our own Pigeon books, just like Mo Willems.
    From: Mrs Hulse's Monday Wednesday class