Wednesday, 5 December 2012

"I made my own What Can You See book!"

Given that the "What Can You See?" project has been quite a topic of conversation daily for our students, we couldn't be happier to see them continuing to make those meaningful connections beyond the walls of our classroom! From Google Earth, Skype sessions and beyond, Ms. Theis and I started this week with an incredible surprise! We were delighted to see one of our SK students create her very own "What Can You See?" book over the weekend with her family! Not only did the expression on her face show pure excitement, but you could tell that she was so proud of what she had created! We didn't waste any time having her share such a wonderful artefact with the class and to top it off, our students were not only inspired, but eager to add her name and book title to our comparison charts and make connections between her book and the others that we read! Wow - talk about a meaningful extension and authentic home/school connection!

Please take a look at what this student can see when she looks out of the window of her house. 
We hope you feel inspired!

The What Can You See Book (1) For Winter

I can see many houses.

I can see the fences.

I can see plants.

I can see paving.

I can see the grass.

I can see the BBQ stove.

We welcome parents to get involved in this amazing project by sharing what you see in different environments (e.g. "what can you see out of your office window?") with your child! Please comment on our blog with your insights and we look forward to sharing them with our class!


  1. Hi there, Louise from Ouyen Kinder here - I have been following Angie's blog and hopped onto this one - we are winding down at our kinder and it is HOT over here in Australia - and never any snow in the Mallee - but I would love for us to be able to become involved next year with a new group of 4-5 year olds - I look forward to introducing the children and parents to this idea of What can you see - if it is still running by then.... Best wishes
    Louise Fitzpatrick Leach
    Ouyen Preschool
    Victoria, Australia

  2. Amanda, we like your book. We really liked the picture of grass. What is paving? We like your whole entire book. We are going to try and make our own We Can See books too!
    Love Room 8, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

  3. Hi Louise,

    Thank you for taking interest in our collaborative online project!

    We would love to have you participate! Hopefully this project lasts us for a while!

    I will check out your blog.

    Thank you,

    Joanne Babalis

  4. We are always looking for more participants. Please join in Louise.
    Angie Harrison

  5. I love the student's I Can See booklet. I wrote in our class newsletter that I challenge students to create similar books about what they see on their holidays. I'm hoping a few took the challenge.