Monday 3 December 2012

Our School Yard - Surrey BC, Canada

We are grade one students in Surrey BC, Canada sharing our school yard with you.  Enjoy.

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  1. Dear Bonaccord Elementary School,

    Thank you for posting your "We Can See" youtube clip onto our new blog.

    Here are some of our compliments, connections, questions, and advice:

    J.A.: I liked all of the pictures of the park. It looked like fun if we went there.

    S.F.: If we went there we could do whatever we wanted. We can visit. We can go to their park.

    R.J.: I like everything, especially the bouncy bridge.

    H.W.: I liked the front of the school, because there are dots for our dot project and colour inquiry.

    M.Y.: They have a playground and we have a playground!

    G,G,: We have climbers!

    An. Si.: We have stairs on our park and they have stairs on their park.

    S.D.: They have a swing and we have a swing!

    Z.A.: They have a slide and we have a slide!

    G.G,: I wonder why they live far away.

    S.F.: I wonder why they don't have the same park as us, but everything else looks the same.

    H.W.: Why do they have the same thing that we have on Old Colony Park over there?

    J.A.: I wonder if they have a pet.

    Z.A.: I wonder if they have a puppy.

    E.Y.: If you do your writing and your do your personal best you can come to our class!

    We hope that you are having a great day!

    Please write back to us soon!


    Ms. Babalis and Mrs. Ham's Class at Bond Lake P.S.