Sunday, 2 December 2012

Our Next Steps...

Hi "We Can See" Participants,

I wanted to clarify a few things about this blog.  At the bottom of the page are links to our personal blogs for visitors to see what else we have been up to.  They are not direct links to our "We Can See" posts.

My hope (and I hope that this is shared) is that this space will allow us to organize all of our "We Can See" work into one place.  I have been finding it difficult scrolling through a variety of blogs to find the posts that I am looking for when I need them.

Using the login and password please consider posting your first "We Can See" posts (The ones that you have already posted about).  This can either be done by copying and pasting it onto our shared space or adding the direct link from your original blog post (from your personal blog).

It would also be really wonderful if you could each blog and tweet about this new shared site on your personal pages.

Thank you for your support,

Joanne Babalis

P.S. If it isn't too much to ask, could you please label each post (right side of page when drafting a post under post settings "labels") with your school's name and location?  (e.g., Bond Lake Public School Richmond Hill Ontario Canada)  This will allow visitors to go directly to the school that they want to respond to.  If you could do this each time that you post it would be very helpful!  Otherwise, I am happy to do that for you!

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