Friday, 8 February 2013

We Can See Central Park - A NYC Neighborhood Study


  1. These are our comments from St. Joseph Catholic School in Chatham Ontario Canada.
    D.V. "What is moss?"
    C.E. "Can we visit your school?"
    A.S. "What is the MET?"
    M.N. "We can not see your school because it is far far away!"

  2. Hello, Manhattan!

    I shared your slideshow with my PM Kindergarten class this afternoon. Many connections were made, and some questions came up for your class, too.

    Here are the comments that we managed to write down while watching your slideshow.

    Comments and Connections:
    S: "I saw big, big houses"
    C: "We saw footprints in the snow like you"
    J: "My sister and family live in New York"
    Ms. Fynes: "Have you been to visit?"
    J: "Yes, we went to visit in the summer"
    F: "We see a lot of buildings"
    S: "I like the yellow sign. It's my favourite colour. The sign means here is the park way"
    L: "I saw George at the museum" (Curious George)
    Z: "I went to the zoo in Toronto"
    C: "I see winter trees"
    Ms. Fynes: "Why do you say that they are winter trees?"
    C: "No leaves!"
    Ms. Fynes: "I got married there, in Central Park. It was a long time ago in the summer"

    F: "Do you have dinosaurs in your museum?"
    Z: "Do you have a zoo?"
    A: "Where is your school? We can't see it" also:
    "Do you have toys or food in the museum?"
    S: "Where is the art school?"
    S: "Are there swings in the park?"

    We enjoyed your pictures and your story. My class says: "Thank you for sharing!"

    Ms. Fynes's PM Kindergarten Class