Sunday, 3 February 2013

What Can You See? and China!

As part of this amazing project, we have been encouraging our families to bring in pictures or create their own "What Can You See?" books to share with our classroom and other participants! We have been overwhelmed with such a positive response (comments, questions, connections, family vacation photos, etc) because this is actually where we hoped this project would go!

One of our student's (A.C.) has made connections to her own culture in China and, with her parents, they contacted their family overseas to see if they would be interested in sending us pictures from her cousin's school!

We are so excited to be sharing this incredible addition to the "What Can You See?" project! We thank A.C. and her family for collecting these wonderful photographs and for letting us put them together into a digital book to share with all of you!

This video has generated lots of discussion in our classroom and has certainly made A.C. very proud of where she comes from, her family, and her ability to teach us new things about her culture at school! She has recently been teaching all of us Chinese, Chinese writing and how to count!

We continue to encourage our families to participate in this wonderful learning opportunity by commenting, asking questions, making connections or by creating their very own "What Can You See?" book with your child! We look forward to sharing more of this journey with you as it unfolds!


  1. Dear Lorna Jackson P.S.,

    We have watched your "We Can See" video from China two days in a row! The reason for this, is that we learned so much from the photos and wanted to take our time with our response.

    Here are some of our thoughts:


    J.A.: I like when the kids are having snack and when the people are performing.

    R.A.: I like the flags they are holding

    Z.L.: I like the Kung Fu! An.Si.: I agree with Z.L.! (D.B., G.G., T.M., F.F., also agreed excitedly!)

    M.Y. and N.C.: I like the puppet show!

    Comments and Connections:

    S.F.: My mom went to China once!

    E.Y.: I see a rainbow in their school.

    N.C.: Someday, I will go to China too!

    M.Y. We bounce balls in the gym and they bounce balls outside.

    Ms. Babalis: I taught at a school in Hong Kong with an outdoor yard that looked like the one in Shenzen.

    G.G.: I saw Kung Fu Panda! An.Si.: I have Kung Fu Panda!

    Then many students made connections of trips that they have made with an airplane:

    R.A.: Once I went to America!

    Ai.St.: I went to Washington!

    A.A.: I went to Jamaica before!


    J.A.: I wonder why there are lots of pictures of the daycare.

    L.N.: Why were they wearing yellow shirts?

    M.Y.: Why were they performing and what were they performing?

    Ms. Babalis: How often do the children get to see the puppet show?

    How many children can fit in the yard at one time to learn Kung Fu?

    What is the weather like in China now?

    This video was absolutely remarkable!! We truly thank the family from Lorna Jackson P.S. and the educators and principal who shared this with us!

    We were so excited to view the video and will continue to re-visit it, as it has allowed our class to have many conversations!


    Ms. Babalis and Mrs. Ham's Class
    Bond Lake P.S. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

  2. Dear Lorna Jackson Public School,

    We read your "We Can See China" online book and we had some thoughts to share with you.


    F. On Saturday I am goin to Germany

    S. When I get bigger I am going to China because my Auntie live there.

    K: I went away on Hanukkah.

    M: When went on airplaine to Dominican it was fun swimming and eating icecream.

    D: That reminds me of when I went on airplane to China with all my family and I think I saw a movie on airplane.

    A: I been on airplane a lot of times.

    D: When I was 4 year old I went on airplane.

    D: I went to city in Ottawa and it was really far away and was fun.

    D: I was in airplane to China already!

    M: Once we went on airplane to vacation to the beach.


    M: I like the story because the park looks fun.

    D: I like how they do Kung Fu at school.

    F. Their clothes are the same!


    D. How do they make the words?

    Mrs. Walker and Ms. Lambert's Kindergarten Class
    Forest Run P.S., Vaughan, Ontario, Canada