Tuesday, 29 January 2013

We Can See India: A Family Vacation

Over the Winter Break, one of the students (N.C.) from Bond Lake Public School in Ms. Babalis and Mrs. Ham's class travelled to India with her family.  There, they took a few photos to include in our "We Can See" Project.  

We are so excited to share this with all of you!

Now Ms. Babalis has added India to her extensive travel wish list.

Thank you to N.C.'s family for sending us these incredibly beautiful photographs and for being the first family to share what they saw while on their vacation.

We encourage more families to participate by sending photos saved with a description onto a usb stick.  It could be from a previous vacation or a community walk.  If you do not have access to a usb stick, I am in the process of planning to send one home as an extension to this project.  Stay tuned!


  1. Hello Bond Lake Public School,

    We are your friends from Lorna Jackson Public School and we liked your India book!

    Here are some questions for you:
    How did you get the picture of the crocodile? - J.S.
    How come you don't have any doors in a taxi? - L.D.
    Why did you take a picture of the crocodile? - I.D.

    Here are some compliments for you:
    We loved your mountains and your house. - T.B.
    I liked your book and the crocodile. - R.F.

    Here are some connections to your book:
    I went to India. - J.S.
    When I rent to the rainforest store I saw a crocodile and I even know saw elephants too and they were very loud! - L.D.
    When I went to the rainforest cafe, I saw gorillas, butterflies, elephants and even a crocodile! Just those ones. - E.S.

    Ms. Schmidt & Ms. Theis' Kindergarten Class
    Lorna Jackson Public School
    Woodbridge, Ontario

    1. Dear Ms. Schmidt and Ms Theis's class.
      I agree with you, I really liked the crocodile by the river. I have never seen something like this before! I think I would be scared. I wonder what N.C thought when N.C saw it? What do we see by our rivers?
      Hmm....I have seen a duck.
      What have you seen?
      Mr. Collins

    2. Hi Lorna Jackson P.S.,

      Thank you for your kind comments to our We Can See India Video!

      Here are some answers to your questions:

      How did you get a picture of a crocodile?

      N.C.: In the camera. I was not scared! My mom took the picture.

      How come you don't have any doors in a taxi?

      N.C.: Because the taxi doesn't have doors. If you put doors it will be hard to climb on.

      Why did you take a picture of a crocodile?

      N.C.: Because I liked it! I thought my class would like it!

  2. Hi,
    We like your book.
    We like the crocodile picture. We don't see crocodiles in our town.
    We like the picture of the Bamboo. We have a tiny Bamboo plant in our class. We were amazed to see Bamboo so big.
    We like the picture of the elephant.
    Thank you for making the book. Now we know what parts of India look like.
    Mrs. Harrison's and Mrs. Coombes K class

    1. Thank you Mrs. Harrison's and Mrs. Coombes K Class!!

      We started making connections to our India book and Lego Chima. There is a crocodile character in the book.

      The connections seem endless! Love all of the learning!