Sunday, 13 January 2013

What We See, Manhattan New School

 Greetings from a kindergarten class at the Manhattan New School in New York City! We have been inspired by pictures and books made by the kindergarten class at the Bond Lake School. We ventured out into our own surrounding neighborhood on Friday to see what we could see. Our city streets are quite different from the more rural country surroundings of Bond Lake. We made a venn diagram comparing and contrasting the objects and places in the neighborhoods.

We wanted to share some of our favorite pictures during our neighborhood walk in Manhattan. 

We will be working on writing and illustrating our own book about our neighborhood sights. 
Stay tuned!


  1. Wow!!!

    This is so exciting to have you join! I can't wait to show our students tomorrow!!!

  2. HELLO,
    We love this Idea and were wondering how we could become apart of this?
    Jen Bos
    St. Clair Catholic

  3. Hi Jen,

    Please check your email. I got your other message from my blog and will give you the login info.

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  5. Hello Manhattan!

    I love these city pics! Seeing them brought me right back to those wonderful classic Sesame Street scenes all around the neighbourhoods.

    We have our grade five reading buddies coming to visit on Thursday, and they have been following our "We Can See" project as well. I can't wait to show them, and my classes, your photos. What I love is the range of environmental print. I can see a "we can see signs" project in the making...

    1. Hi Laurel,

      Thanks! Where are you writing from? Maybe your class can put up some pictures of your neighborhood for us to see too. That would be great!

  6. Greetings!

    My afternoon kids were delighted by your photos - I left my notes at school because I intend to show the morning class (along with their reading buddies) tomorrow, and then share their ideas with you in one post. The one question that stood out, however, was this: "Can we go visit your class?". Well, then I had to them that I was married in Manhattan, in Central Park. I had a class full of "oooh's" then! I love New York and I am delighted to see your street scenes. I only know of the numbered public schools, so I am curious as to what part of town you are in. You've inspired me to show my class our school on Google maps, and to show all the other post locations, to create a sense of how big our friendships are!

    If your class would like to see our school, please go to the "post categories" on the right, and select "Thornwood PS, Mississauga". We have two books posted at present. We are in a neighbourhood that seems both sub-urban (lots of trees, cul-de-sacs) and urban (tall apartment buildings, and we're blocks from the downtown of Mississauga).

    Tomorrow I'll have more, from my classes.

  7. Hello Manhattan New School!

    We loved seeing your photos. Here are some of our thoughts about them:

    (AM Class)
    A: "I like the bucket teeth" (on the backhoe)
    A: "These pictures are so good"
    J: "I like the picture of the fire truck. Where did you see all that good stuff?"
    T: "I love your pictures" (I ask: "Which one?") "I like all of them. Can we visit sometime?"
    S: "Where is your school?" (She can't see it in the pictures)
    N: "What do you do at school?"
    R: "I like all the pictures. My favourite is the last one: I like the teeth on the bucket"

    PM Class:
    D: "Does the digger have wheels or tracks?" (last picture)
    S: "I see signs"
    Z: "It's a Mighty Machine!"
    R: "Does the digger pick up snow?"
    C: "I can see big buildings!"
    L: "We see big buildings.. (points at the window) there!"
    A: "Why is there a chain on the scoop?"
    F: "Is the digger digging sand?"

    Our reading buddies liked the venn diagram. We really liked how your pictures had so much print, so we made little booklets together with the buddies, all about how we can see ABC's and 124's in our room. They read the room and made their own books. All inspired by you!

    1. Wow AM and PM class! Thank you for those wonderful and insightful questions and comments! I cannot wait to share these with my class on Tuesday when we return to school. They are going to be so excited to correspond with friends many states away from us! I will show them your book and we can prepare some questions for your classes, as well as answer your questions! What a small world it is!

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