Sunday, 27 January 2013

We Can See East 82nd Street: K-206 Manhattan New School P.S. 290


  1. Greetings from the Manhattan New School P.S. 290 in New York City!

    My name is Mónica Callenbach and I am a Kindergarten teacher who is very excited to be part of the We Can See Project.

    Looking forward to posting our Neighborhood Study, along with my friend and colleague, Melissa.

    Follow us on Twitter @monicak206!

  2. How fabulous this is. Thanks so much for sharing from Manhattan! What an incredible way to evoke questions and sharing amongst our schools. Great pictures that will help us compare rural and urban settings.

  3. This is simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I sincerely cannot wait to go to school tomorrow and show this post to our students!

  4. Now I cannot wait to see inside your classroom and school!!

    I am as curious as I think my students will be!! :)

  5. We like your city.
    We like your book.
    We like your pictures.
    We like your red door.
    We have a silver door.
    We like all of your buildings.
    We don't see tall skinny houses like yours.
    How do you get to school. Most of us walk and a few of us take a school bus.
    Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Coombes' Class

  6. Dear our friends,

    We are from Lorna Jackson Public School.

    Here are some compliments we have for your book:

    I liked the buildings and the houses. - T.B.
    I lived in an apartment building that had ladders too. - A.C.
    I liked the fire hydrant because it was black and ours is yellow and some red. - L.D.
    I liked when you showed another school. - R.F.I liked your buildings because they had ladders on them. - J.S.

    Here are some connections we have to your book:
    When I looked out the window of the CN Tower I saw fog like that too. - C.M. (in reference to the steam from the laundromat).
    In Toronto, there are other parking garages. - E.S.
    Sometimes, when I go to the airport, I park in parking garages too and they are under ground! - I.D.

    Here are some questions we have for you:
    Why do you have ladders on your buildings? - I.D.
    Why do you take a bus to school? - E.S.
    What is a butcher? We don't have those. - J.S.
    Why do you have a laundromat because we have washers and dryers at home. - A.C.
    We looked at the Christmas trees so do you celebrate christmas? - everyone

    We would like to hear from you and maybe see you over Skype!
    Ms. Schmidt and Ms. Theis' Kindergarten Class
    Lorna Jackson Public School
    Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

    1. Dear Friends at Lorna Jackson Public School,

      Thank you for reading our book!
      We will post answers to your questions next week. We are looking forward to seeing your school and would love to be Skype pen pals.

      Your friends at K-206 Manhattan New School

    2. Hi our friends,

      We are very excited to hear back from you and read your answers to our questions!

      We would really like to Skype with you! - J.S.

      What questions will you ask us? - L.D.

      You can see our What Can You See book on this blog if you click on our school name "Lorna Jackson Public School."

      We can't wait to talk with you!

      Ms. Schmidt & Ms. Theis' Kindergarten Class
      Lorna Jackson Public School

  7. Hello Manhattan New School,

    We are so happy to read your "We Can See" Book.

    Our teacher Ms. Babalis got really excited to see all of the pictures of New York City. She said that she had many connections from T.V. shows and movies that she has seen from New York. She also remembered all of the taxis and tall buildings from her visit there.

    Your book also reminded us of a story we read called "Knuffle Bunny." The neighbourhood looks so much like yours. We wondered if the author Mr. Mo Willems is from New York too!

    Here are some comments made by our students:
    D.B.: I like all of the buildings!
    T.M. I like the whole book, because it's different from where we live.
    A.S. I like the whole book, because it looks like the whole book is from Knuffle Bunny.
    E.Y. I have been on a taxi before!
    M.Y. When I go in a car is see lots of taxis too!
    E.H. Why does your school look different from ours? Why does our school look different from theirs?
    J.A. I wonder why there are so many tall buildings.
    T.M. I wonder why their sidewalk is different than ours.

    Ms. Babalis wondered if your teacher lives close to your school, and how she gets to work. Ms. Babalis lives in Richmond Hill and takes a car to work.

    We can't wait to hear your responses!

    Ms. Babalis and Mrs. Ham's Class
    Bond Lake P.S., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

  8. Dear Friends at Bond School Lake P.S.,

    We loved your questions and comments and our class is looking forward to seeing your school/neighborhood too.
    We answered your questions and will post them next week. Maybe we can be Skype pen pals?
    Your friends at K-206 Manhattan New School

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