Sunday, 6 January 2013

What Can You See? Continued

Thanks to Joanne for creating this shared learning space for educators and families. It is our hope that this site will help connect children and adults in our own communities, provinces, countries and around the globe. We hope parents will join in and provide feedback for our students or post their own stories or books. A big idea in the Kindergarten curriculum in Ontario is "Children are connected to others and contribute to their world." page 52 The Full Day Early Learning-Kindergarten Program.

As the seasons change what we see out of our windows change too. We hope more people will join in to keep this "What Can You See?" Project alive throughout the year.

Here is the original What Can You See book/movie. We encourage you to create your own method of sharing what you see.

Thanks for helping us provide authentic connections for our learners.

Angie Harrison
P.S. Aviva @ avivaloca created a book with a K class she teaches part of the day. The link for the book is located at
Thanks Aviva for participating in this project. I like the slant you took at looking at feelings while at the locations in the book.


  1. Looking forward to picking up from where we left off with this exciting project!

    It snowed a lot on the last day before the holidays, but it was hard to capture that and prepare for the break all at the same time!

    Happy New Year and wishing everyone a wonderful start back to school!

  2. Happy New Year! I am so grateful to you both: Angie, for the spark that created this project, and Joanne, for lighting the fire that continues to burn so brightly here.

    I took a walk with my morning class today, and we couldn't help but notice the changes in the landscape since we last took our "We Can See" walk. In fact, many students pointed out all the things that we can no longer see, because they are covered up with snow. This led to many pictures, and a new theme: "We Can See Snow on the...". My afternoon friends are interested in documenting the changes as well, so I think a walk and a new book are in order.

    Thank you again, and thank you to all the members who've shared so far. I look forward to seeing what we can see in the New Year.

    Laurel Fynes

  3. Happy New Year Laurel!!

    Thank you for your kind message.

    I really look forward to where this project will lead! It was such a wonderful idea!

    Glad I could help provide us with a home base. Now I just need to take my "We Can See" nature walk before the snow melts away!

    Thanks again,


  4. Thanks Laurel. I love the idea of We Can See Snow on the... books. Our friends in warmer climates would appreciate it too. I am gathering photos from a teacher in Hawaii. Our class will put them together and make a book that we will share here in this blog. I think Laurel, you hit the head on the nail. The project is helping students notice and compare their surroundings. This is an authentic opportunity for them to think about their own surroundings and how they change throughout the seasons. I think having other books to compare and discuss helps the students develop a better understanding of their own surroundings. This project also brings a lot of enjoyment for us as adults in the room. Thanks for your excitement.

  5. Thanks Angie for adding the link to our book here! We're learning about feelings and friendship as part of a Health are for SK and Grade 1, and so we tried to overlap the two with this book. The students loved it! What a great project!


  6. Aviva,

    Thank you for beginning to participate with us! I heard you speak in the fall at the ECOO conference and thoroughly appreciated all that you taught us.

    It's great to connect online,