Sunday, 20 January 2013

What can you see? A trip to Hamburg, Germany and Salzburg, Austria

Dear "What Can You See?" participants, schools, and students!

Over the holiday break, I had the wonderful pleasure of travelling to Hamburg, Germany and Salzburg, Austria! With the "What Can You See?" project expanding worldwide, I thought this trip would also be a perfect opportunity to take pictures of my new surroundings and create a new digital book for this amazing project!

Take a look at some of the sights from Hamburg, Germany and Salzburg, Austria - I hope these pictures leave room for lots of discussion, new questions, and wonderings! Here's to new learning!

Ms. Schmidt
Lorna Jackson Public School
Woodbridge, Ontario


  1. I have goosebumps! My students are going to LOVE this video. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us. This is definitely widening their view of the world. If we have questions, I hope you can Skype with us later in the week.
    Angie Harrison

    1. Hi Angie!
      I'm so glad you enjoyed the video and I can't wait to hear what your students have to say! This entire project is truly incredible and I'm so thrilled to be a part of it! I'm always happy to Skype! :)
      Jocelyn Schmidt

  2. Dear Ms. Schmidt,

    We are a kindergarten class at Forest Run Public School in Vaughan, Ontario. We recently discovered the “What Can You See?” Project on Ms. Babalis’ website. When we read your onlne book “What Can You See? A trip to Hamburg, Germany and Salzburg, Austria” on the smart board we were excited to share our connections, compliments, and wonderings.

    A.H.: That Ferris Wheel reminds me of Wonderland.
    N.Z.: That looks like Mexico. I went there in December. It reminds me of how the houses look the same. Except creepier. The houses were all crumbly and small. There are creepy bugs in the houses in Mexico. There are scorpions there.
    D.D.: I am going to Germany soon to visit my family!
    L.S.: Her book reminds me of going to France.
    D.T.: Those Mountains remind me of where Santa lives! Santa lives in those Mountains.
    M.D.: I have a picture at my home of an animal.
    N.Z.: I like the church. I’ve been to a church before.

    S.W.: I like the picture of the water and the bridge.
    N.Z.: I like everything!
    S.T.: I like the music.
    N.H.: Like clouds.
    Our Class: We like the beautiful photographs of your trip!

    Questions and Comments
    E.U.: I wonder why the road is rectangle stones?
    N.Z.: I am going to make a “I see in Mexico” book from my trip in December.
    A.H.: Can I make a book “What I see when on my cruise in December”?

    Thank you for sharing your online book with us.
    We liked it so much we read it twice in a row.

    Mrs. Walker & Ms. Lambert’s Kindergarten Class
    Forest Run Public School
    Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

  3. Dear Friends at Lorna Jackson P.S.,
    We are so looking forward to meeting you on Skype! Here are some of our questions.
    We are investigating our neigborhood and wondered about your neighborhood.

    What does your school look like inside?
    Where do you put your stuff?
    Do you have a pet?
    Do you have a schoolyard?
    What do you do during the day?
    What color is your classroom door?
    What does it look like outside your school?
    Do you take the bus or walk to school?
    Does it look pretty there?
    Do you have a bus?
    How many degrees is it there? temperature?
    Do you have jobs in your school?
    Do you read books in your class?
    Do you write books a lot?
    Do you go to the library?
    Do you have field trips?
    Do you go somewhere?
    Do you have snow there?
    Do you do recess after lunch just like we do?
    Do you speak our language?
    What do you have in your neighborhood?

    K-206 at the Manhattan New School