Wednesday, 6 February 2013

We Can See the Winter

We took photos of what we can see around our school yard. We noticed a lot of changes have happened at our school. Here is our book titled, Our Schoolyard in February.

Do you see any differences?
Is your view different in the winter?

Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Coombes' Kindergarten Class
York Region, Ontario, Canada


  1. Hello our friends,

    We are your friends from Lorna Jackson Public School.

    We loved your winter What Can You See Book.

    Here are some of the differences we saw in your book:

    You got your new shed! What toys do you put in your new shed? - A.C. & L.D.

    We didn't see snow on the ground last time. We saw grass instead. - J.S.

    The pond had ice on it. You turned it into a skating rink. - R.L.

    I wonder if the people learned skating lessons or if they falled on the ice? - E.S.

    I liked your bare trees. - T.B.

    I saw all your leaves fall off. - R.F.

    I have a connection. We have snow on our ground too! We have snow on our soccer field, on our playground, on the shed, and on the ground, and on the parking lot! - L.D., V.D, S.M., J.S.

    What do you like to do in the snow? S.M.

    How did you turn the water into ice? - J.S.

    We would love to Skype with you again and here all about the things you like to do in the winter!

    Your Kindergarten friends in Ms. Schmidt & Ms. Theis' Class
    Lorna Jackson Public School
    Woodbridge, ON

    1. Dear Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Coombes’ Kindergarten class,

      The students from Forest Run P.S. in Vaughan, Ontario had these thoughts to share about your “We Can See Our Schoolyard in February” book:

      “We don’t have a pond.” F.

      “What are bulrushes?” S.

      “Once there was a story on T.V. about ducks on a pond that made pancakes out of bulrushes!” N.

      “Your pond reminds me when my dad brought me to work on the weekend and I saw a pond covered with ice.” M.

      “I go skating on a pond.” A.

      “Do you go skating on your pond?” N.

      “The sun reminded me when my mom and dad take me to see the sun going down” D.

      “I can see snow at our school too!” S.

      “That school gate looks like our gate”. D.

      “I like the music.” L.

      “I saw ice on the ground when I was going to school today!” E.

      “Your school reminds me of our school!” D.

      Thank you for sharing your book on what you see around your school in the winter. We really liked your pond. We wish we had one too!


      Mrs. Walker and Ms. Lambert’s JK/SK Class
      Forest Run Public School
      Vaughan ON

    2. Dear Mrs. Walker and Ms. Lambert's JK/Sk class,

      We like your book.
      Cayden has skated on our pond.
      The bullrushes are still in the ground by the pond.
      Some of us play hockey on ice.

      Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Coombes' K class

  2. Hello Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Coombs class

    Your school is so very close to our school. Here are some of our connections and wonderings to your latest movie.

    L - We have snow in our yard.

    K - I have snow at my house.

    MJ - So you made a connection.

    N - We have the same shed as them.

    KB - I have lots of snow at my house, even in the backyard and front yard.

    MJ - You made a connection to the snow too.

    J - I have snow on my door and then when it goes on our car our car gets frozen.

    MJ - We’ve had lots of connections. What are you wondering?

    C - We don’t have bullrushes.

    J - We just have trees without any leaves.

    C - And before he (J) said there’s 2 old trees and I said there’s 3 baby trees and one old one.

    N - We have lots of cars and they have lots of cars.

    R - Mrs. Harrison’s have a shed and we have a shed.

    MJ - I’m wondering do they get to skate on that skating rink?

    R - Only when they have skates on.

    MJ - Maybe we shoud ask them “Do you get to skate on the skating rink?”

    C - I have my own ice rink at home and I skate like them.

    KL - Do you have skates?

    R - Because you can’t skate on an ice rink if you don’t have skates.

    Thank you for sharing your video. We are working on a new video to share with you.

    Mrs. Jelley's and Ms. Lilley's class
    Jersey P.S.
    Keswick ON

  3. February 25th, 2013
    Dear Mrs. Jelley and Ms. Lilley's class,
    Ryan tried to make ice rink in his backyard. It didn't work.
    We like your writing. (comments)
    16 kids have skates.
    Some of the kids have skated on our pond.
    Some of our kids play hockey at the arena.
    Do you play hockey?
    Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Coombes' K class