Monday, 18 February 2013

We Can See from Lincoln Alexander

This is a book that was created in the fall by Mrs. Hulse @HulseAnnMarie. She was inspired by the project and took a risk and participated. She used our initial way of sharing, DropBox.  Joanne Babalis @joanne_babalis created a collaborative blog to provide a greater audience for our We Can See Books. Here is her school's book. Please view and leave comments for her students.


  1. Awesome creation Mrs Hulse' Class! What program did you use to create your book?

    1. First students took the pictures on the iPads, then we had to have a 'discussion/survey' about which pictures to choose for our book.
      Next Mrs Hulse had to learn how to use iMovie on her computer. it took a while, but we think she did a good job.
      Then we chose the song. It is one we learned in September.
      Finally Mrs Hulse showed us the movie and we sent it to Mrs Harrison's class!
      From, Mrs Hulse's TTh Kindergarten

  2. Hello, Mrs. Hulse's Class! How nice to see you here, too!

    Today my morning class watched your book/video. There were many connections made. Here are some of what I managed to write down as we were watching, and then reflecting, on your book.

    All: "We like the song!"
    R: "That book was so beautiful"
    E: "I like the book"
    J: "The flowers were beautiful"

    S: "We saw a stop sign. We saw that too, on our walk"
    R: "We have a basketball net too"
    Ms. Fynes: "Which kind of basketball net?"
    R: "Both kinds: small and big!"
    N: "They have letters on the hopscotch!" (we have numbers)
    A: "We don't have a waterpark!"
    J: "They have a Canada flag, like we have one"

    J: "Do you have soft or hard blocks at your school?"
    S: "Do you have another class beside you like we do?" (we are in a pod)
    M: "Do you have chairs in your classroom?"
    N: "Do you have a tent in your class like we do?"
    J: "Do you have a kitchen in your class?"

    Thank you from Ms. Fynes's AM Kindergarten Class

  3. Thank you for your compliments, we are happy you liked our book!
    We have both types of blocks. The foam blocks are soft and the lego and wood blocks are hard. The foam blocks are big too.
    We have a Kindergarten class beside us and one more down the hall.
    YES! We have chairs in our class. Do you?
    We used to have a tent in our class. It was our bat cave. We were learning about bats.
    Yes, we have a kitchen. We celebrated Chinese New Year and the kitchen was full of decorations!

  4. Hello Ms Hulse's class,

    We created an iMovie too about our school and community and have just uploaded it to this project.

    We have watched a few other schools movies/books and have a few comments and questions for your class.

    A. I really like their music.
    G. We have lots of the same things at our school.

    M. We don't have a car track but we do have a maze.
    D. We have a wheel.
    G. We have a snail maze on our playground.
    A. Their hopscotch has letters, ours has numbers.
    G. We don't have a tennis court.
    D. We have basketball nets but they don't look like that.
    A. We have a lot of the same things but different.

    G. I wonder how they use the water park to play? We don't have one.
    Ms Clark: do you think they swim there?
    Then lots of our students had predictions as to how you would be able to swim/play there.
    G. How do they turn on the water?

    I noticed you have a garden, if you watch our movie you will see we too have a garden. We are just beginning an inquiry into gardens and plants. A possible outcome will be to plant and care for part of our school Eco Garden.

    We really enjoyed your movie. Thanks for sharing.

    Kim Clark and the kindergarten class of
    Milliken Mills PS
    FDK room 109